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Available June 29 to Sept 3

Arrive in style in the Lazy Day Shuttle!

Quick Details

Price per person
Pre-float Shuttle

Pre-Float Shuttle

Drop your car at the endpoint and ride in style to the launch at West Baker Park!

How it works:

Normally, if you book a float (and no shuttle) for 11am, this means that your float will start from West Baker Park at 11am. HOWEVER, If you have booked a float AND SHUTTLE for 11am, meet us at the Lazy Day Shop (720 3St NW, rear of Calgary Curling Club) a few minutes before 11am for your shuttle departure. This means you’ll be on the water closer to 11:30am.

In summary:
– 11am bookings WITH shuttle: meet at 11am at Lazy Day Shop.
– 11am bookings WITHOUT shuttle: meet at 11am at West Baker Park boat launch.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes! Well-behaved doggos are welcome on the shuttle. If they are small and can sit on your lap, additional tickets are not required. However, if your pup is medium-sized or larger, please book a seat for each dog so that we can ensure we have room for everyone.


The shuttle runs every hour from 10am to 4pm (3pm starting mid-August) and leaves on the hour SHARP so that we can maintain our schedule. Please allow extra time to make sure you don’t miss your ride; we are happy to put you on the next shuttle (if space permits)


Please note that there is a short 5-minute walk from the shuttle drop-off location to the launch point at the river. The terrain has a slight slope downward and is a mix of dirt, gravel and bike path for the rest of the walk. Unfortunately, the shuttle is not wheelchair-accessible.

Reverse Shuttle Trips

Some floaters have asked to take the shuttle at the END of their trip rather than the start, preferring to park at West Baker Park and shuttle back to the start after finishing their float. We do not recommend this because there are complications that may arise with this arrangement:

  • Shuttles leave on the hour: if your float does not end by 30 minutes to the hour, you may miss your shuttle and have to wait an hour for the next.
  • Difficulty in predicting float times: Float times will get longer as the river flow slows throughout August and will be increasingly hard to estimate. Given that shuttle trips are often full, you will need to select and pre-pay for an anticipated shuttle time to ensure that seats are available for your party. If you miss your booked shuttle, there are no guarantees that there will be availability on the next shuttle.
  • Final shuttle leaves at 5pm (4pm from mid-August onward): if you do not arrive at the end point by 4:30, you may miss the last shuttle run and will need to taxi or Uber back to your vehicle at your cost.

If floaters are willing to accept these risks, we are happy to accommodate ‘reverse shuttling’ as best we can. To book, you will need to make two separate bookings – one with a time for your launch, and a second booking for the anticipated return shuttle (i.e.: three or four hours later).