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The Lazy Day Experience

Info to help you #GetYourLazyOn

Float duration

… is as long as you want it to be. We encourage all our guests to #BeLazy and take advantage of a FULL DAY of floating. Trips average 2-4 hours depending on river flow, but take your time and enjoy your day as you take in the sights and meander through the heart of Calgary…your booking is good for the day. The friendly Lazy Day Crew is here to make sure you have the laziest day possible… go for a swim, have a picnic in a park, find a spot to pull over and have a nap… whatever floats your boat (get it??) to get your summer lazy on.

Risks and Safety

Your safety is our priority. Rafting our section of the Bow is generally very safe and easy if you have the required experience. Basic paddling experience is required before you set off on your float. If you do not have prior paddling experience, you must let us know.

Our friendly Lazy Day Crew will ensure you are informed about important safety aspects of your float (don’t be shy to ask questions), and we will go through a safety session with you prior to you taking off down the river. Save yourself a mandatory court appearance and up to a $500 fine – wear your life jacket at all times as they are provided as part of your package when you #Float the Bow.  We also recommend carrying a cell phone in a waterproof carrier while on board (you can buy a stylin’ Lazy Day phone case and/or dry bag at the launch site) so you can take pics of Uncle Bob napping on the river. Obviously, remember to skip posting to social media if you’ve called in sick to work.

For emergencies call 911. 

Raft Durability

After 15 years of full-service raft rental in Calgary, we have custom designed our rafts specifically for Lazy Day guests to ensure maximum durability and comfort while you enjoy your day on the water. All 4-person and 6-person rafts are rated for a minimum of Class Three whitewater (good thing the Bow is a lazy Class One). The 8, 10, and 12 person rafts are built for Class 5 whitewater (with enough room to dance a jig with Aunt Sally as you #FloatTheBow). All rafts have multiple sealed chambers to guard against any unfortunate incidents to keep all our guests safe and lazy while floating the Bow river.

Life Jacket Rental

PFDs are now included in your Lazy Day rental package. However, for those of you that have your own floating device but don’t have a life jacket we offer PFD rentals.  We may even have some for sale – enquire with one of the Crew for availability.

Rentals include

Everything you need to enjoy a full day floating on the Bow, including

  • Quality, pre-inflated rafts
  • Paddles
  • PFDs
  • Safety kit (including safety whistle, rope, bailing bucket)

What to Bring

  • Sun protection
  • Snacks and water
  • Good water shoes or sneakers (flip flops not recommended)

Cancellation Policy

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Those canceling 24 hours prior to their reservation will receive a full refund. Those canceling under 24 hours prior to their reservation can reschedule their raft rental to a new date.

No Late Fees at Lazy Day

Our #1 priority is for you to take your time and #BeLazy; therefore, your rental is good for the full day.  Please keep in mind that our shop closes at 9pm – if you can’t make it back by then, let us know and we’ll do our best to make it work. 

Damaged or Lost Items Policy

The fee for rental equipment damaged, lost, or stolen will be equal to the full replacement cost of the item in question. Determination of the level of damage is at the discretion of Lazy Day Raft Rentals.

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