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Lazy Day Raft Rentals

Bow River – winds through city of Calgary

Lazy Day Raft Rentals, located in the heart of Downtown Calgary, with easy access to the Bow River, is the easiest and safest way to experience river rafting in Calgary. There’s nothing more relaxing than floating on a river. The gentle moving current, the sun on your face and the cool water below have the uncanny ability to make your troubles disappear, one by one. It seems like nothing in the world can disturb your peace in those few hours.

Experience Calgary’s Local Rivers at an Affordable Price

We are conveniently located at The Calgary Curling Club on Memorial Drive and have plenty of weekend parking.

"Great company. Friendly and informative. Had a great day. Would like to do it again with family. Everyone in Calgary is so nice."


"Very enjoyable experience., great value for a relaxing day. Friendly, accommodating service, a pleasure to deal with experienced well informed people."


"This was second time I rented Raft from these guys. There is nothing better to do than floating in Bow on a Lazy Sunday with your friends or family. Superb customer service."


“Fun Experience! We had a great day with our kids.I highly recommend it! We took something for lunch and we even had a dip in the river.”


“This is a great location for getting a raft. It is so easy to drop off. No need to pack the raft back up, just slide it down the hill by their river location! Love it!”