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#GetYourLazyOn in our rugged and comfy rafts!

Quick Details


Honest advice on raft size:
not all rafts are created equal

Just like seats on airlines, not all rafts are the same.

Small (4 adults, one or two kids)

We could tell you that this raft is suitable to accommodate 6 of your closest, sweaty, garlic-eating friends and family, as our rafts are rugged and can handle it. But we strongly suggest a max of 4 adults to be comfortable…although a parent or two and a few kids and pets would fit comfortably.

Medium (6 adults, a few kids)

As the name implies, it’s bigger than the Small and you could cram up to 8 fun loving friends and family and maybe even a dog or two but you will be much more comfortable with 6 guests.

Large (8 adults, lots of kids)

This raft is built for guests who require more space and separation from others as well as that one friend who overpacks for everything and brings 3 bags for a day on the water.  This raft is best suited for up to 8 people, or if you want to do your best impression of a sardine you could stuff in 10 of your closest friends plus all their gear.

X-Large (10 adults, loads of kids)

These big rafts are the second-largest in the Lazy Day flotilla –  these rafts are built for guests who require even more space and separation from others. This raft is best suited for up to 10 people, or a mix-and-match of adults and kids.

XX-Large (12+ adults, tons of kids)

What can we say about these beauties? Built for the big groups wanting to have a big day on the water.  These giants are the largest of our fleet and can accommodate 12+ comfortably. Grab some friends or even a couple of strangers and make a big splash on the Bow!