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DIY (Deflate/Inflate Yourself) Rafts

#GetYourLazyOn wherever you want!

Quick Details

Small 24 Hour Rental 4 person
Small 48 Hour Rental 4 person
Small 72 Hour Rental 4 person
Medium 24 Hour Rental 6 person
Medium 48 Hour Rental 6 person
Medium 72 Hour Rental 6 person

Going camping with friends or just want to experience a different part of our regional waterways?

If so, grab a DIY (Deflate/Inflate Yourself) raft or two and head for the hills…or the lake… DIY rafts are deflated, packed and ready to go, and are easily inflated (takes approximately 15 minutes to inflate with hand pumps) when you arrive at your own private destination. Once you’re finished with your adventures, deflate and roll back up and drop it back to the Lazy Day shop at the rear of the Calgary Curling Center on Memorial.