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Is the Bow River open for rafting?

The Bow River offers many options when it comes to outdoor adventure. When it comes to rafting, visitors can experience a range of excursions. These include self-guided and guided river rafting along both whitewater and flatwater areas. 

Although the Bow River is open for river rafting, there are a few things you should know before you head out. Read up on more information regarding Bow River safety, weather, and Calgary raft rentals.

Calgary Raft Rentals

Bow River Safety Tips

Bow River rafting is a great pastime for those looking to explore the area with friends and family, or just for solo adventurers. It provides scenic views of the mountains and local wildlife. Plus, you can choose more intense routes along the whitewater rapids or a chill day lazing along the flatwater channels.

Before you get out on the water, be sure to choose a Calgary raft rental that follows Covid safety guidelines. These guidelines include sanitization of rafts, paddles, life jackets, and safety gear.

Some Bow River rafting trips start outside of city limits and end in Calgary. The City of Calgary also encourages Bow River safety and you should keep a few of these protocols in mind.

  • All life jackets must be worn at all times while in the water within city limits.
  • Keep watercraft to designated areas of the river only.
  • Be mindful of wildlife and other conservation efforts to keep the Bow River beautiful and safe for all.
  • Your watercraft must include a safety kit that includes a paddle, bailing device, a whistle or other sound-signal, flashlights or safety lights, and a floating rope.
  • No intoxication, urination, or littering is allowed at any time.

Check Weather and River Advisories First

Bow River conditions are entirely dependent on the weather. The perfect river rafting conditions are sometimes difficult to come by. Too high, and the river becomes too treacherous to raft on. Too low, and your raft is sure to get stuck on the low beds. When making rafting plans, check the local flow rates via the Alberta River Basins chart. It also doesn’t hurt to stay mindful of any incoming weather via local weather reports on the day of your rafting trip. 

The only time the Bow River is officially “closed” for activities is when the flow rates go over 280 cubic metres per second. These conditions occur a few times a year during early summer.

Calgary Raft Rentals

With the Bow River open and ready for rafters, it just comes down to choosing your favorite method of rafting. Do you want to experience the exhilaration of the whitewater rapids or the slow comfort of the Calgary flatwater?

Whatever you choose, Calgary raft rentals make your time on the Bow River simple and fun. Our knowledgeable staff will help guide you through the take-out with custom-designed rafts. Lazy Day Rentals will also include everything you need to get your lazy on and enjoy the scenic aspects of the Bow River with ease. Start your adventure today on the Bow River!

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