How It Works

1. Arrival

Our shop is located on Memorial Drive in the Calgary Curling Club (720- 3 St NW). You will need to arrive there to pick up and pay for your equipment and sign a waiver. Your raft is deflated and folded and fits most vehicles. We will also give you a pump, paddles and safety kit as well as Life Jackets.

You can arrive with 2 vehicles which means you will drive your self up to West Baker Park Boat Ramp or Shouldice Park are the usual starting points. You can leave a second car at our shop (Free Parking) as you will be finishing at our shop and will need it to drive back to get your first vehicle.

Alternatively – you can call an UBER or a Taxi to drive you to the Park you want to start at and when you float back down to our shop you can be on your way.

2. Rafting

Once you arrive at your starting point you will pump up the raft. It only takes about 10 minutes.

Get into the water and the river will flow back to our shop. Life jackets are mandatory.

3. Return

Once you pass under the Peace Bridge (Red Bridge) call our shop, the number is on our lifejackets and the raft.

Stay to the left-hand side and aim for the next bridge. One of our staff will meet you there to help you out of the river. He will take the raft back to our shop for you.

Now come back to the shop and let us know you returned the equipment and be on your way.


We do have a shuttle service- but it is just our truck and takes up to 4 people every hour. It is usually booked well in advance and needs to be reserved when you reserve a raft.

Lazy Day Raft Rentals
Phone (403) 258-­0575
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720 3rd Street NW Calgary, AB T2N1N9

Open 9am - 7pm Daily