How It Works

1. Arrival

Arrive at our shop with 2 vehicles or ask about our shuttle service. We have plenty of free parking.

2. Payment

Complete a waiver and pay. We will load your equipment.

3. Transportation

Drive everyone to the entrance point-leaving one car at Lazy Day Raft Shop.

4. Arrive At Start

Once you arrive at the starting point pump up the raft and put the pump in the raft.

5. Bow River Route

Once you pass the PEACE BRIDGE paddle to the left shore to the next bridge.  That bridge is the walkway over the Memorial Drive to our shop.

6. Carry The Raft

Leave the raft inflated and carry to our shop.

7. Back To Start Point

Get in your car and drive back to the starting point for the other car.

Lazy Day Raft Rentals
(403) 258-­0575

720 3rd Street NW Calgary, AB T2N1N9