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Team Builder

Tired of Boring Office Activities?

Rafting is a budget friendly team event . We include all you need to raft down one of Calgary’s great rivers. Your team can travel from 2 to 4 hours together depending on your starting point. You’ll have the option of taking photos and videos of the teams and their subsequent shenanigans’, ensuring the glory of the event is remembered.

Here’ s How It Works

Choose a day and a time to start. We will meet you at our shop where people can change if they are coming from work and securely leave their stuff. Then we will put the whole group on a bus and send you to the starting point-where the Rafts are already inflated and ready to go.

Let us know if you want a picnic after in Princes Island Park or we can shuttle your team to one of the downtown hotspots.

For more information call our event coordinator Keeley at 403-807-6419 or email at [email protected] or fill out the form.