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Tips to Find a Trusted BowTube Rental Service in NW Calgary


Tubing is a popular activity in Calgary, especially in the warm summer months. With sunshine, a beautiful view, and good company, a float down the Bow River will be your new favorite pastime.

Here is a list of everything you need to know for a fun, BowTubing experience.

BowTubing Preparations

  • Full-service outfitting: While you could do all of the heavy lifting yourself, using our services ensures that all you need is taken care of for you, including an inflated tube, paddles, safety kit, PFDs, and optional transportation to the launch point. Extra purchases like phone cases or dry bags are available most times of the season. Choosing the correct rental business is a crucial aspect of any river excursion, and Lazy Day Raft Rentals has you covered!
  • Examine the conditions: We’re not just talking about clouds vs. sun, since the state of the water is crucial. Rivers that are ideal for tubing one day can be unsafe the next. Even if it’s a beautiful bright day, recent heavy rains may have caused the river to become too deep for tubing or a drought may have caused it to become too dry. We assess river conditions daily and will advise you of any safety issues that impact the Bow River.
  • Consume a substantial meal: A multi-hour float journey necessitates a substantial amount of fuel. Consider bringing refreshments in a dry bag or cooler if you’ll be tubing for over three hours, or choose a tubing place with a concession stand. When you’re out on the river, you have to stay hydrated and well-fueled! Keep in mind you’re welcome to hop off and pick up refreshments on shore as well.

What to Bring and What to Leave Behind

  • Protection from the sun: It goes without saying that you should use sunscreen before proceeding onto the river and reapply throughout your tubing journey to avoid becoming sunburned. However, you’ll need a hat and sunglasses to further shield your face. Rather than getting a wide-brimmed straw hat that will be blown away by the wind, opt for something more snug-fitting, such as a baseball cap or hat with a tie. If you’re concerned about losing your sunglasses, a sunglass strap can help hold them in place.
  • Selective clothing: You’ll be tubing in the Bow River, so bring your bathing suit. However, if you plan on stopping in town for a bite to eat afterward, you’ll want to bring your towels and an ideal change of dry clothing with you. If you are prone to sunburn, you may consider wearing an outfit that helps with sun protection while on the river. It’s far easier to forget to reapply sunscreen when you’re kept cool by the refreshing water.
  • Dry bag: Bringing your phone and other electronics without protection is simply not worth the risk. Designate one member in your group to seal phones in a waterproof bag. This way, you will have access to your phone without the risk of it falling into the river or becoming damaged by water. If your phone is water-resistant, feel free to capture your epic tubing excursion and share it with #getyourlazyon!
  • Water bottles with insulation: When you’re out in the sun for hours, it’s crucial to stay hydrated, but sun-heated water in a plastic bottle isn’t exactly enticing. A stainless-steel water bottle can keep liquids cool for hours. Many designs have a handle for quick carabiner attachment to your tube!

Lazy Day BowTube Rentals Guarantees Your Fun!

Choosing the right tube rental company is the BowTube Rental Service most pivotal part of any rental experience, and that’s where Lazy Day Raft Rentals shines! We have a wide array of the best quality of equipment ranging from BowTubes to BowYaks and rafts for your many water expeditions.

Our repeat clients flock to Calgary, Alberta each season to enjoy the Bow River and our natural wonders. We welcome you into the tubing family and are excited to help you plan your relaxing float adventure. Contact us today so you can get started on an experience of a lifetime!