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The Benefits of Renting Professional Memba Kayaks

Memba Kayak 330

The benefits of renting a professional Memba kayak cannot be matched with any other inflatable kayaks on the market today. Ranging from safety features to comfort and luxury, the Memba Kayak is undoubtedly the best on the market and the perfect choice for beginner or intermediate paddlers.

If you are looking to go out to the water for a quick, easy, and comfortable trip, then the Memba kayak may be the best option for you! Memba kayaks come in two forms: the 330 and the 390. These numbers show the length of the kayak in centimetres, with the 330 being designed for one person and the 390 for two people. Below are some of the benefits of renting a professional Memba Kayak.

Tough and Hard to Puncture

Memba Kayaks are heavy-duty and made with Aquashell technology with special anti-UV and water-repellent treatment for durability. Generally, punctures are rare. With proper care, it is likely to have a long lifetime and provide years of fun.

The Memba Kayaks have three separate air chambers. That means if there is a leak in one, the other two will keep you afloat and get you back to safety. Although it may be a little harder to paddle, your kayak won’t sink like other inflatables.

Good Tracking Performance

With its sleek, curved, and streamlined shape, the professional Memba Kayak is meant for good tracking performance. Through its high-performance fin system, your Memba kayak will have more glide, better tracking, and effortless paddling. It also has a removable 7-cm drop-stitch, high-pressure, double-wall floor for ultimate stability and rigidity on water surfaces.

Adjustable Cargo Bungee System to Easily Fasten Items

When you are out on the water, you will need to carry some baggage with you. It could be drinks, cameras, or necessities you want to bring along for your excursion. Memba Kayaks come with adjustable cargo bungee systems that allow you to fasten the luggage you bring safely to the kayak. You will not be worried about losing your items in the water. The system is adjustable to allow it to fasten cargo of different sizes.

Deck Shield Prevents Splash from Flowing Backwards into the Cockpit

Water splashing back into the cockpit will not only make you feel uncomfortable but will also increase the chances of sinking the kayak. Professional Memba kayaks come with a deck shield that is designed to minimize water splash from flowing back to the cockpit to ensure maximum comfort and safety.

Premium Seat System

The professional Memba Kayak comes with a premium high-backrest seat with EVA cushion and storage pockets to ensure you have maximum comfort during your trek. It also has multiple strap D-buckles that allow seat position adjustment so that you can adjust your seat to a comfortable position based on your height and leg length.

Other features include front, rear, and centre rubber carry handles for easy transport. Professional Memba kayaks also feature superfast 1+2 self-bailing valves that can be left open for quick water drainage or closed for flat-water paddling and paddle holders for easy paddle lock.

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