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What to Wear While River Tubing

River Tubing Fashion

If you’ve been rafting with Lazy Day raft Rentals before, you may have experienced the river in a mostly-dry state — the rafts keep you out of the water, so barring any splashing from your friends or family, you can mostly navigate the river without getting too wet.

But for some of us, getting wet is half the fun! Of course you’re free to hop out of your raft for a swim any time you like, but why not kill two birds with one stone? In our BowTubes, you can sit comfortably in the water, floating lazily while enjoying the refreshingly cool water of the Bow River.

Of course, once getting wet comes into the equation, it begs the question: what should you wear? Well, we’re not ones to judge anyone’s fashion choices, but we do have plenty of experience on the river, so we are happy to help with that.

Bathing Suits: Yes or No?

When you hear that you’re going to be getting wet, the first thing to come to mind is likely a bathing suit. For many people, that may be the perfect option! Bathing suits are notoriously comfortable, and of course they are made for getting wet, which makes them perfect for a day on the river.

For some people, however, wearing a bathing suit doesn’t make sense. Maybe you sunburn easily and you’d rather stay covered so as not to risk too much exposure. Maybe you want to stop for lunch partway down the river or have plans for after your river tubing experience and don’t have to worry about carrying a change of clothes. That’s totally fine! Just remember you’ll probably need to allow some time for the clothes you’re wearing to dry, which should be easy enough with the great parks and downtown Calgary available to walk around. You can also purchase one of our dry sacs which can be clipped on the side of the tube to keep your clothes dry as you float.


In general, we like to recommend our rafters to wear sturdy shoes as opposed to something like flipflops. However, that’s harder to follow when it comes to tubing. After all, no one wants to wear tennis shoes or hiking boots that are sure to get wet. In a raft you can stay mostly dry, but when tubing, you’re guaranteed to get your feet wet. In fact, that’s a big part of the appeal!

If you have them, swim shoes are a great middle ground — they’re sturdy, stay on your feet well, and are made to get wet. Sandals like Tevas or even shoes like Crocs are also great; they have straps to keep them in place and won’t be harmed by water.

If you do decide to wear flipflops, you might consider keeping them in your lap while you float, just to limit the possibility of you losing them in the water.

Sun Safety

While hats certainly aren’t required or necessary for everyone, if you are sensitive to the sun, they can be a great way to reduce your sun exposure and stay cool.

It may not be clothing, but we’d be remiss in leaving it off the list: of all the things you can choose to wear on the river, sunscreen may be the most important. We want you to leave your river tubing experience relaxed and happy, not sunburnt and in pain. Remember that you can burn even on cloudy days, and make sure to apply some water-resistant sunscreen before embarking on your float down the Bow. Cruelty-free sunscreen is available for sale if you’ve forgotten you own.

Accessorize Appropriately

If you like taking pictures or using your phone for other reasons on the river, a water-resistant phone case is a must. Dry bags are also super helpful to have on the river if you have something like snacks, spare clothes, or other items you want to keep dry. Both of these items are available for purchase from the Lazy Day Shop before you embark on the river.

River Tubing Fashion

When it comes down to it, the most important thing BowTube to keep in mind when choosing what to wear while river tubing is your comfort. You’re here for a lazy day, not a fashionable one! Whether you’re more comfortable in a bathing suit or an oversized t-shirt, as long as you feel good, you’re good to go. If you would like to book a BowTube for your next river tubing adventure, book online or call today.